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Welcome to! A Zimbabwean non-profit organisation that is establishing a specialised canine unit to assist independent conservation agencies in anti-poaching efforts in Zimbabwe. 

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We are a team of 2-legged, and 4-legged beings, who have come together to “Safeguard Our Legacy.” The SOUL Trust has been formed, and our project is called "K9’S 4 CONSERVATION".


We are based in Matopos, Zimbabwe. Our ultimate goal is to have dogs based around Zimbabwe, with the ability to respond to poaching incidents anywhere in the country, within a short time-frame, and hopefully before any illegal act is committed. We have imported 3 German Shepherds which are currently operational. Our dogs are highly trained, with the ability to pick up and follow scent of humans, firearms, or illegal goods, as well as being able to perform a host of other highly specialised skills.

Another goal is to fundraise as much as possible, so as to ensure the continuation of this programme, which we hope will be highly successful in combatting poachers around Zimbabwe. Please consider a small donation to The SOUL Trust in order to ensure the on-going maintenance and care that these wildlife heroes require.